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Our Story

   Your Personal Roaster   

We opened BlueNose Coffee because we're driven to find the cup of coffee that can change your morning. We think of that cup every time we roast beans. Your first sip of coffee is your first interaction with the day, and it better be an epic cup. All you need is a coffee pot and freshly roasted, high quality beans. We would like to be your personal roaster.

When a batch of beans comes out of the roaster, we don't want to drop on a label that says, "Guat Light;" we want the label to read, "Bill - 2lbs." The relationship between a roaster and consumer is interactive. Taste buds change and coffee is a crop susceptible to change. Together we will also decide on terminology, because my definition of "light" might be different from your definition.

Store Location:
​20700 Chippendale Ave W.
Farmington, MN 55024
Located OFF HWY 3 in Farmington MN
Phone: (651)-333-9398

MONDAY- FRIDAY - 6am - 7pm
SATURDAY- 7am - 7pm
SUNDAY- 7am - 6pm

Holiday Hours 
Thanksgiving Day - 6am - 12:30pm
Black Friday - 6am - 7pm 
Small Business Saturday - 7am - 7p
Christmas Eve - 7am - 12pm
Christmas Day - Closed
New Years Eve - 7am - 4:30pm
New Years Day - 7am - 6pm 

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Our website is for new orders. Try out a few varieties. If you stick with us, we will talk about your needs and find a great fit. We can even roast a specific custom blend of espresso beans for you. Your coffee will be roasted and shipped to you within 24 hours of placing your order.

Welcome to BlueNose Coffee. We look forward to being your personal roaster!

This is a family owned business, and it would not be possible without the love and support and contributions of everyone involved. We're grateful for the opportunity to live our dreams! Cheers!

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